Omega Men Vs Crime


Since its inception our fraternity has played a pivotal role in the advancement of the black community. Through scholarship attainment it is our duty to uplifit as we climb. Service & duty are central to our purpose and critical to our community. We are the keepers of our brothers and sisters. As we address the many issues facing our community let us stand unified as we show our commitment and love for our community and each other through service.




  1.  GET INVOLVED! Volunteer in your community. Pick a cause and play your part in improving the lives of those in need. Host a volunteer event or participate in one that helps improve your community.
  2. Purchase a shirt. At no additional cost to you a portion of your purchase goes to programs working to end violence and improve the communities that we live in.


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We have chosen to have our printing, fulfillment & shipping done by social enterprises like Doing Good Works that are serving to better their communities. Doing Good Works employs people transitioning from the foster care system. They provide them with a job and an opportunity to develop career skills towards self sufficiency.

Your purchase directly benefits the lives of the employees, their families and the communities that they represent.

We are also volunteering in my hometown of St.Louis, Missouri which consistently ranks top 3 for Murders. We are currently volunteering with a violence prevention program in the city of St.Louis.

Your purchase not only helps to support social enterprises that serve their communities, but also helps to fund these programs that are working to end violence in communities around the world.                         



Contrary to popular belief crime is not stationary. At some point it makes its way into every area. This is why it is imperative that we be involved in volunteering and service in some form. Crime doesn't just affect our personal and family safety, it impacts every aspect of our lives. A home is the largest investment for most families. Click below to see how crime can affect the property value in your neighborhood.






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