How Your Purchase Helps Our Communities




We Sell Merchandise Promoting The Personal And Community Benefits Of Showing Self Love Through Service To Others. A Portion Of The Proceeds From Your Purchase Goes Directly To Support Programs That Are Working To End Violence, Support Those Affected By It And Improve Our Communities Overall.

We believe that Self Love through service to others will improve you personally and your community. SELF LOVE through service to others is an ever giving gift that helps us identify our true selves and true motives, thus revealing answers to problems we face personally and collectively as a community. Through small acts of service to others we become more confident in our abilities, patient with others and connected to our communities. In service to others we develop skills related to our individual purpose and become more aligned with who we are meant to be. These skills, when applied improve our lives personally and professionally.



  1.  GET INVOLVED! Volunteer in your community. Pick a cause and play your part in improving the lives of those in need. Host a volunteer event or participate in one that helps improve your community. Text 314-230-9577 for 40% OFF and updates on volunteer opportunities.
  2. Purchase a shirt. At no additional cost to you a portion of your purchase goes to programs working to end violence, support those affected by it and improve the communities that we live in.

In addition to financial support we are also currently volunteering with a violence prevention program in the city of St.Louis.





3. We have chosen to have our printing, fulfillment & shipping done by social enterprises like Doing Good Works that are serving to better their communities. Doing Good Works employs people transitioning from the foster care system. They provide them with a job and an opportunity to develop career skills towards self sufficiency.

Your purchase directly benefits the lives of the employees, their families and the communities that they represent.

We are currently volunteering with a violence prevention program in the city of St.Louis. Your purchase not only helps to support social enterprises that serve their communities, but also helps to fund programs that are working to end violence in communities around the world.            


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