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Wioa program guidebook- What Is WIOA And How Does It Work For Businesses?

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Did you know that FREE funding to hire and train new employees is available through your local job center? 

Imagine SAVING MONEY for your business by getting FREE funding to help hire and train new employees at NO COST to you.

What's included in the wioa program guidebook?

  • Clear explanation of WIOA Program.

  • Clear explanation of WIOA program eligibility requirements for businesses.

  • Industry tip-sheet on completing the WIOA program application process for businesses.

  • List of core documents required.

  • FREE E-Verify retrieval instructions.

  • FREE training outline template.

  • FREE On-the-job training checklist. 

Straight forward information. No legal language.

DIRECT, easy to understand answers for businesses  on what the WIOA program is, who is eligible for it and how it can be used in a 17 page wioa program guidebook:

  • What is the wioa program?

  • How will it help you save money?

  • Is it really FREE money for career and skill training?

  • What are the eligibility requirements for the wioa grant?

  • How do you apply for the wioa program?

  • What is the process and how long does it take?

  • How do you know if you qualify?

  • How much will I receive I eligible?

  • What are the KEY things you should know?

  • How can it help you save money on career and skill training to advance your career?

  • How can it help your business save money to hire and train employees at little to no cost?



 We do not guarantee funding, a job, wage or salary. Information provided is for the benefit of companies and job seekers in their career search.



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