Self Love + Self Care + Self Confidence


Are you uncertain about where you are in your life, unclear about a particular situation or feeling unsure about yourself?


We've all been there...

At the suggestion of a close friend and mentor I began keeping a journal of my life and business endeavors. The journal covered years starting back to the beginning of my working career. 

 At a point of exasperation and unhappiness with how things were going I began to read it from when I first began. I needed to see what I was doing wrong or things that I might have been overlooking. How I got to this place? What I found was a consistent pattern of what had been working for me all along.

 Through all of my failures, financial mistakes and failed deals staying active to others in some form gave me peace & patience to persevere and keep the proper perspective. Making myself available to help others humbled me, exposed shortcomings in my character and continuously pressed me to strive to be a better person and businessman. I was always successful in giving of myself. I always felt deep fulfillment in service to others. It sharpened my skills and strengthened my determination to continue.


 I discovered that this principle applies to any pursuit we undertake in our lives. Clarity comes when we express  SELF LOVE through service to others. First, comes patience, patience brings clarity, clarity produces peace and peace leads us to a deeper understanding of whatever we are facing.

SELF LOVE through service to others is an ever giving gift that helps us identify our true selves and true motives thus revealing answers to problems we face personally and professionally. In service to others we develop skills related to our individual purpose and become more aligned with who we are meant to be

We are all connected and in that connection lies the answer. Love in all of it's forms is always the answer. In that way failures, no's and delays are not problems, but paths to developing who we truly want to be.

Service to others is the path and LOVE is the answer.


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  1.  GET INVOLVED! Volunteer in your community. Pick a cause host a volunteer event for your community. Celebrate your life with loved ones while you support a cause that you are passionate about.
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Your purchase directly benefits the lives of the employees, their families and the communities that they represent.

We are also volunteering in my hometown of St.Louis, Missouri which consistently ranks top 3 for Murders. We are currently volunteering with a violence prevention program in the city of St.Louis.

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